Jets Receive Scathing Review in Players’ Survey | Coaches Waste Our Time

Jets Receive Scathing Review in Players’ Survey | Coaches Waste Our Time


In a recent survey conducted among New York Jets players, candid feedback reveals deep-seated frustrations with the coaching staff. This unprecedented peek behind the curtain sheds light on player discontent, with some startling revelations about how players perceive their coaches.

Survey Methodology

To understand the depth of the players’ sentiments, a comprehensive survey was distributed anonymously among the Jets’ roster. Players were encouraged to provide honest feedback on various aspects, including coaching strategies, communication, and overall team dynamics.

Key Findings

1. Communication Breakdown

Players expressed a significant disconnect between the coaching staff and the team. Many players lamented a lack of clear communication, hindering their ability to perform at their best.

2. Ineffective Training Practices

Several respondents criticized the coaching staff for what they perceived as outdated and ineffective training methods. Players claimed these methods failed to keep pace with modern NFL standards.

3. Time Mismanagement

A recurring theme in the survey was the perception that coaching staff wasted valuable practice time on unproductive activities. Players felt their time could be better utilized for strategic drills and team-building exercises.

4. Lack of Adaptability

Players highlighted a frustration with the coaching staff’s apparent resistance to adapting strategies during games. This inflexibility was seen as a significant factor contributing to the team’s lackluster performance.

5. Team Morale Hit

The survey indicated a noticeable dip in team morale. Players attributed this to a combination of poor communication, ineffective coaching, and a lack of a cohesive team culture.

Player Quotes

In anonymous responses, players were forthright about their concerns:

  • “We need coaches who understand the game as it is today, not how it was ten years ago.”
  • “Communication is key, and unfortunately, our coaches haven’t figured that out yet.”
  • “Time wasted in practice is time we could spend improving and winning games.”
  • “Adaptability is crucial in the NFL. Our coaches seem stuck in their ways.”

Coaches’ Response

In a brief statement, the coaching staff acknowledged the survey results and pledged to address the concerns raised. However, specifics on proposed changes or strategies for improvement were not disclosed.


The player survey paints a vivid picture of discontent within the New York Jets. The coaching staff now faces the challenge of not only improving on-field performance but also rebuilding fractured relationships with players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What prompted the player survey?

The survey was initiated to gather anonymous feedback from players about their experiences, concerns, and perceptions of the coaching staff.

Q2: Did the coaching staff respond to the survey results?

Yes, the coaching staff acknowledged the survey results and expressed a commitment to address the concerns raised by the players.

Q3: Were specific issues highlighted in the survey?

Yes, players identified communication breakdown, ineffective training practices, time mismanagement, lack of adaptability, and a hit to team morale as key issues.

Q4: How are players reacting to the survey results?

Player reactions vary, with some hopeful that the survey prompts positive changes, while others remain skeptical, awaiting concrete actions from the coaching staff.

Q5: What steps are the coaching staff taking to address the concerns?

The coaching staff’s response acknowledged the need for improvement but did not provide specific details on the steps they plan to take to address the concerns raised in the survey.


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