Brother Printer Offline Error: Quick Fixes for Windows 10 and Mac | Troubleshooting

Brother Printer Offline Error: Quick Fixes for Windows 10 and Mac | Troubleshooting

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When it comes to seamless printing, encountering the dreaded “Brother Printer Offline” error can be frustrating. This guide will walk you through practical steps to resolve this issue on both Windows 10 and Mac systems.

Understanding the Offline Status

Brother Printer Shows Offline: What Does It Mean?

Have you ever right-clicked the icon for your Brother machine, navigated to “See what’s printing,” and discovered the “Printer Offline” status? This indicates a communication breakdown between your computer and the printer.

Steps to Bring Your Printer Online

STEP A: Verify Power and Errors

1. Check Power and Error Status Ensure your Brother machine is powered on and free of errors. Resolve any displayed errors before proceeding.

STEP B: Establishing Connection

2. Ensure Proper Connection Confirm that the printer is correctly connected to your computer. A loose or faulty connection can lead to offline issues.

3. Default Printer Setting Your Brother Printer may be listed as “Offline” due to reasons like being turned off, empty toner, or not set as the default printer.

Windows Troubleshooting Tips

4. Navigate to Control Panel

Go to the “Start” menu, select “Control Panel,” and click on “Printers and Faxes.” Ensure your Brother printer is set as the default.

5. Unchecking Offline Status

Make sure your Brother printer is set as the default. Fix the offline error on Windows by unchecking the “Use Printer Offline” option.

6. Clear and Restart Print

7. Fixing Brother Printer Offline on Windows 10 Go to the computer start button, click on it, and navigate to “Devices and Printer.” For Windows 10 users, troubleshoot printer issues effortlessly.

Mac Troubleshooting Tips

8. Brother Printer Offline on Mac

Similar to Windows, Mac users can resolve the offline error by checking the default printer setting.

9. Step-by-Step Solution for Mac Users

Detailed instructions for Mac users to tackle the Brother printer offline issue.

Common Issues Leading to Offline Status

10. Connectivity Problems

A printer going offline regularly often occurs due to varying conditions, including WIFI, connectivity, and power supply issues.


In conclusion, resolving the Brother Printer Offline error requires a systematic approach. By following the outlined steps, you can ensure seamless printing on both Windows 10 and Mac systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Why Does My Brother Printer Show Offline?

Your Brother printer may display offline due to power issues, errors, or incorrect settings. Follow our guide to troubleshoot effectively.

FAQ 2: How Can I Fix Brother Printer Offline on Windows 10?

Uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” option, ensure default printer settings, and clear the print queue. Detailed steps are outlined in the article.

FAQ 3: What Should I Do if Brother Printer Goes Offline Regularly?

Frequent offline issues may be linked to WIFI, connectivity, or power supply problems. Investigate these aspects for a stable printing experience.

FAQ 4: Is it Common for Brother Printers to Show Offline on Mac?

Yes, Mac users may encounter offline issues. Our guide provides step-by-step solutions to bring your Brother printer back online.

FAQ 5: Can Connectivity Problems Cause Brother Printer Offline Errors?

Absolutely. Irregular WIFI, poor connectivity, or power supply disruptions can contribute to the Brother printer showing offline. Check and resolve these issues for optimal performance.


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